Aggressive Bronx Criminal & DWI Lawyers

Jason-A.-Steinberger-Aggressively-Fighting-for-Your-RightsThose who are arrested and charged in the Bronx should call DWI defense/criminal defense attorney Jason A. Steinberger. Thanks to Steinberger’s extensive knowledge of the New York and federal criminal justice system, his clients are always in good hands. His experience serving the public for the Office of the Bronx District Attorney gives him additional insight into Bronx’s legal system.

What Should a Person Do When He Is Arrested?

When someone is arrested, they should call 646-256-1007 and speak to Jason A. Steinberger. In some circumstances, it is possible for the District Attorney of Bronx County to drop a criminal case without the client going to court. Steinberger can also talk to the prosecutor in order to get the client’s charges reduced or case dismissed. If the charges are reduced or the case is dismissed, Steinberger will promptly bring the client before a judge and request release without bail during the arraignment.

What Should a Client Expect After Arraignment?

In the event that the judge does not dismiss the client’s Bronx criminal case or DUI/DWI case, the Office of the Bronx District Attorney will continue to prosecute the case. After an arrest is made in Bronx County, the Bronx District Attorney is the only one who can dismiss the charges, drop the case, or take the case to trial. With Jason A. Steinberger’s help, the client has the best chance of negotiating a deal with the District Attorney’s office.

Steinberger is aware that District Attorney evaluates each case to see if the charges can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The accused does not have to prove he is innocent; the burden of proof rests on the District Attorney. In order to provide his client with a strong defense, Steinberger must show the Bronx District Attorney that a case cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Demonstrating the weak points in the prosecutor’s case produces the best outcome for the client.

How Many Times Does a Client Have to Come to Court?

Although every client’s case is different, Steinberger always tries to resolve each client’s case quickly with the best outcome possible. The time it takes to resolve a case depends on several factors such as the evidence collected by the police, the evidence that has yet to be gathered, and the prosecutor’s availability. Once a client retains Jason A. Steinberger for legal representation, Steinberger immediately contacts the prosecutor in order to find out what evidence the Bronx District Attorney’s office is using to make their case. Afterward, Steinberger gets straight to work to form an effective defense for his client.

How Should Someone Select a Bronx Criminal Attorney?

Some important factors to consider when choosing a DUI/DWI or criminal attorney in the Bronx are:

  • Asking the lawyer about his criminal case experience.
  • Deciding whether the lawyer is in line with the client’s goals.
  • Determining if the lawyer’s main focus is dismissing the case or taking the fastest plea.
  • Finding out if the lawyer practices and has an office in Bronx County.
  • Personally speaking to the lawyer.
  • Researching his legal background, including whether or not the lawyer was a Bronx prosecutor.

Jason A. Steinberger’s experience as a Bronx prosecuting attorney allows him to create aggressive and compelling defense strategies. Call 646-256-1007 now to get the most favorable resolution possible for your Bronx DWI/criminal case.